Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space War (pt. 2)

Space War (pt. 2)

drone's engines burning as it hurtled off into space.
“Helmsman!” Reddick shouted at Anderon, who was seated less than two feet away from him.  

"How close to the enemy do you plan on getting?”
“I...I only thought that if we were a bit...” Anderon stuttered.
“They're almost within a million kilometers of us! Any closer and they'd smell your breath.”
“I'm backing off, Sir,” Anderon grumbled. “I thought if we were closer we might actually hit them.”
“Starsky! Launch another salvo on my mark,” Riddick barked. He sat back and watched as the anxious ensign nervously waited for his order, his finger hovering above the flashing red button. “Not that we have too worry too much, Anderon's breath should be affecting their systems any second now.”
The rest of the bridge crew snickered.
“It isn't that bad, Sir.”
“Bullshit! Have you ever smelled it? It's God awful.”
“I have a dental problem, as a matter of fact. It's bacterial.”
“Who's your dentist?” M'Gambe asked, his voice rolling across the bridge like a deep flowing river. “I see a guy on Starbase 96 and he's the bomb.”
“I have a guy I've been seeing on Transport Hub 49,” Anderon answered apprehensively.
“49? That shit hole?” Reddick cried out. “I'm surprised you have any teeth left. What kind of dental insurance do you have, anyway?”
“I'm not an officer, Sir,” Anderon whined. “My plan doesn't cover non-emergency treatment and my bacterial problem....”
“Ewww,” Miller said.
“My bacterial problem!” Anderon shouted. “Only affects my breath. It isn't considered a medical necessity to have it fixed and I can't afford to have it taken care of on my own.”
“You should enter the officer training program,” M'Gambe offered. “It doesn't matter if you pass or not, but while you're training you get full coverage. Enter the program, get your funky breath fixed, quit. Easy breezy.”
“That's a great idea, M'Gambe,” Anderon said with more than a little wonder in his voice. “That would save me....”
“Mark!” Reddick shouted.
Starsky slammed his hand down on the button, launching another salvo of atomic-laden warheads at the incoming enemy vessel.  

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