Sunday, June 17, 2012

Space War (Pt. 1)

Space War (Pt. 1)

where the Ambivalent hung suspended above its swirling, storm-wracked atmosphere.
“Sir, we've just detected what looks like a Philoxian vessel entering the system,” Lt. Anderon announced. “They're really coming in fast!”
“How long until they reach us?” Reddick asked, swiveling around in his command chair. While the Lieutenant checked his calculations, Reddick absently scratched at his beard.
“They're moving at maximum speed, Sir,” Anderon said. “That should bring them to us in...five days by my calculations.”
“Do you think I should shave the beard?” Reddick asked no one in particular. Many of the bridge crew stopped and seemed to consider the query.
“I heard some of the girls in accounting talk about the beard, Sir,” Chief Communications Officer Miller responded, setting her crossword puzzle down. “They said it made you look dignified.”
“Dignified like, 'Hey, look at that sexy, dignified Captain over there.' or was it more like 'My Grandpa is so dignified, just like Captain Reddick. Isn't that cute?'”
“Sexy? I think.”
“I'd definitely say 'Sexy' Captain,” Anderon replied enthusiastically.
“Quit kissing my ass, Anderon,” Reddick said sharply. Letting out a sigh and pushing a button on his command chair that would summon a yeoman, Reddick leaned back in his chair. “Five days, eh? I need some coffee.”

Five days later the bridge crew of the Ambivalent reported to their stations. Reddick ran his hand over his hairless chin.
“Now it feels like my face is too round,” Reddick complained. “What does accounting have to say about the clean shaven look.”
“I was down there on Tuesday and they weren't talking about you,” Miller said apprehensively. She quickly brightened and shot a flirtatious grin over to the Chief Engineer. “They did talk about the new kimono M'Gambe's been wearing while off duty though.”
“A kimono?” Reddick spun and looked incredulously at his engineer. M'Gambe simply flashed his brilliant smile and gave the captain a thumbs up. “Who the hell walks around in a kimono?”
“Apparently a ladies man, Captain,” M'Gambe said smoothly, shooting an equally seductive look at Miller and giving her a wink.
“The Philoxian's are firing missiles Captain!” Anderon shouted.
“How long until they reach us?”
“Two hours, forty minutes.”
“Starsky, launch interception drones and a salvo of our own missiles.”
“Aye, Captain.”
Reddick stood and stalked up to the view screen that dominated the front of the bridge. Focusing on the small dot of light that was the Philoxian vessel, whose missiles were even now streaking toward them, Reddick raised his fist and glowered.

(part two)

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