Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fantastic Voyage....In A Zombie! (Part 3)

Fantastic Voyage....In A Zombie!
(Part 3)

but Feinerman was famously naive and believed Ambler to be simply a different, albeit more eccentric, scientist like himself. Slipping the hidden camera into his lab was almost too easy.
Ambler sat in his lab and watched Captain Shriver struggle against the virus that was running roughshod through his system. Outside the lab's four inch thick steel door, he could hear the others who had already succumbed to the virus trying to scratch their way in, hungry for his living flesh. His superiors would be quite annoyed with him at the almost cartoonish lose of life his little gamble was going to cost the government in personnel, but Ambler knew it was worth it. You couldn't hatch the next generation of super-soldier without smashing a few eggs, after all.
“Good evening, Agent Zero,” Ambler spoke into a microphone. “By now Captain Shriver has been infected with the X virus for almost two hours. We are quite lucky that he was only bitten on the hand, thus extending the amount of time the virus had to act. From my observations, most victims tend to suffer multiple bites and thus have their motor functions subsumed by the virus at a much more accelerated rate.”
On the screen, Ambler saw Shriver try to flex his infected hand. Earlier, he had tied a tourniquet to his upper arm in an attempt to slow the progress of the virus. The only thing it accomplished was to turn his arm black as the diseased cells were forced to consume the cells in a localized area instead of spreading through his system evenly. Once that tourniquet came off, the virus would flood Shriver's system and kill him almost instantly.
“I am hoping that you made it out of the arm before Shriver tied that tourniquet,” Amler said, sounding almost bored. “If you didn't I very much doubt that you are still alive, but I really hope that isn't the case.
“Moving on, you must now convince Dr. Feinerman to move the ship up into the top of Shriver's spinal column, where hopefully he will realize that a transmitter can be placed in a way that will allow you to control Shriver after his major brain functions have ceased. He may be an old pervert, but he's a smart old pervert. It should also enable me to tap into The Protean's systems so that I can observe your actions from here.”
Shriver doubled over suddenly as if he'd been punched in the gut. Ambler allowed himself a small smile. Apparently the virus had slipped past his tourniquet and was now working its way through his system.
“I trust that you will be subtle in your manipulation of Feinerman and the other crew member and that when the time comes, after you've returned to normal size, you will know what to do in order to cover our tracks in all this. I wish you good luck in your endeavors and do keep in mind...this is for the good of your country.”

“What are you listening to?” Dom asked, his mouth full of chocolate bar. Behind him, outside the windows of The Protean II, the black strands of the alien virus had completely surrounded the small vessel and were threatening to crush it at any moment.
“Oh nothing,” replied Dr. McClosky smoothly. “Just an audio email from my boyfriend. I wanted to hear his voice again.”
“Don't worry,” Dom said, trying to sound reassuring. “Feinerman and Vilinsky are, like, super-smart. They'll figure a way out of this, I'm sure.”
“I'm counting on it,” McClosky said with a smile, taking off her headphones and quickly deleting Ambler's email. “I wouldn't be here if I didn't have complete faith in everyone's abilities.”

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