Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tornado Trailer Park (Part 10)

Tornado Trailer Park 
Part 10

    Vipis watched the little red and black snake make its way down the darkened tunnel. Its movements were quick and furtive as it tried to stick to the shadows and not be seen. It was almost cute.
    The assassin’s hand shot out and snatched it up, its head trapped before it even knew it had been caught. Leering, Vipis brought the struggling reptile up to his face and stared into its eyes.
    “Well, hello there,” he said. “Where are you off to in such a hurry?”
    “What have you caught, master?” came a voice from one of the darkened alcoves. Vipis turned to his apprentice and showed him snake.
    “One of Mellisandre's little pets, it seems.”
    The snake squirmed and hissed in Vipis's grip. Its tiny, red tongue shooting in and out of its mouth in an almost vulgar manner.
    “Its threatening me!” Vipis exclaimed, delighted. “I like this one. It’s got spirit. Maybe I should have taken you on as my apprentice, eh little friend?”
    “You could do worse,” the apprentice replied sardonically.
    “So, little friend, who have you been spying on? If you tell me, I'll let you get back to Mellisandre and we'll forget this ever happened.”
    The snake stopped struggling and seemed to consider the assassins words for a moment. Then it relaxed and began a long series of hisses. Vipis listened intently and then let the snake drop to the floor. It bolted down the tunnel and didn't look back.
    “What did it say?” The apprentice asked, taking out a slim dagger and examining its edge.
    “Our witchy compatriot assigned that snake to keep an eye on a human we encountered a few months ago,” Vipis said, his lower body coiling into a sitting position. “It seems he wasn't eaten by raccoons like I thought he would be. Instead, he's been enslaved by that half-dead monkey we've been keeping an eye on.”
    “So he's being forced to dig up the God of Floods,” the apprentice stated. “Have they succeeded?”
    “It seems so,” Vipis mused. “Which means those holy monkeys from the Obsidian Brigade are probably beginning to arm themselves already. There's going to be a bloodbath here, soon enough.”
    “What do you think Mellisandre will do?”
    “If a god has been freed, she will seek to enslave it. She'll convince the elders to march to war and meet the gorillas head on. If she wins, then she will have unimaginable power and conquer us all.”
    “We don't want that, do we?”
    “No,” Vipis sighed. “I don't think we do.”
    “So I should go kill that tiny snake.”
    “No,” Vipis sighed again.
    “Okay. So we do nothing?”
    “No,” again with the sigh. “What you are going to do is go see that human soldier you know and tell him everything. Inform him that should this new god be freed, then every living thing in the Eye will drown and be brought back to life as a waterlogged abomination. Convince them to send in the cavalry to save the day.”
    “So instead of monkeys and snakes killing each other, then monkeys, snakes, and humans will be killing each other.”
    “Good plan.”
    “Glad you agree.”

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