Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tornado Trailer Park (Part 11)

Tornado Trailer Park
Part 11

Roy and Lonnie were both yelling at him to hurry up, but he couldn’t stop watching the flood of filthy water surge out of the tunnel. They were pulling him, dragging him up the main shaft, but he felt mesmerized by liquid’s raw fury. Captivated by how the lantern light caught the ripples and cast tiny rainbows along the rock walls. Even the debris that was churning in it looked beautiful. And the black tendrils that ran through it made it look like flowing marble.

It would be easy to just let it flow over him and be immersed by it. To let it flow into and through him. To let those black tendrils fill his veins and....
“Black tendrils?” Clem muttered. He snapped out of it and saw the water for what it was: death. And the black things flowing in it were worse than death. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”
“Hey, that’s a great idea,” Roy shouted and let go of his arm. “I wish I’d thought of it.”
The three staggered to one of the ladders that would take them up a level and out of the flood’s immediate reach. Lonnie scrambled up it first. As Roy and Clem watched him climb, Clem began to plan out the rest of their escape in his head. He was happy he had spent so much time memorizing the mine’s intricate layout.
“I’ll go after Kara,” Clem said as he took the first rung of the ladder. “You take Lonnie and get Roderick to safety. Avoid Bargeth and any of the supervisors. Try and free as many of the other slaves as possible.”
Roy agreed and began climbing behind him. They reached the top, Lonnie stood at the corner where the main shaft met the side tunnel they had crawled up into. He motioned for them to be quiet.
They could hear Bargeth long before they saw him.
“I want as many of the slaves below this level within the next five minutes,” Bargeth shouted at the lackey next to him. “Our god is rising and She needs sacrifices in order to gain her full power back.”
“Yes, High Priest,” the lackey answered, running off to do his master’s bidding.
Bargeth paused at the entrance of the side tunnel and began to sniff. Clem, Roy, and Lonnie pressed themselves against the rock wall and prayed that the shadows would hide them. After a moment, the half-rotted gorrilla continued down the main shaft.
“Change of plan,” Clem said after Bargeth moved on. “Lonnie, you remember Kara, the chimp who came in with Roy and I?”
“Go find her, tell her what’s going on,” Clem said. “Roy, you need to get Roderick. Hopefully he will know what is going on and maybe he’ll know how we can stop it.”
“What do mean ‘stop it’?” Roy asked. “We’re getting the hell out of here, right? And what are you going to be doing?”
“I can’t let those people die,” Clem said. He gave Roy a grave look. “This place, this whole place, is crazy and wrong and terrible. But I can’t let that make me crazy and terrible. I’ve spent every minute since I’ve gotten here waiting for someone to come save my sorry ass. And that’s what everyone else is doing, too.
“But nobody is coming, Roy. And we can’t let those people die down there.”
“So what are you gonna do?” Lonnie asked, gazing at Clem.
“I’m going to go talk to a zombie gorilla-man.”

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