Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tornado Trailer Park (part 12)

Tornado Trailer Park
Part Twelve

Clem always had respect for the sheer power of the ape family. Even at rest, the beasts looked strong and exhibited an awe inspiring confidence in their physical attributes. Clem had often remarked, when watching a nature program or visiting a zoo, that he sure as hell would never want to be on the wrong side of one.
As he lay on his back, his vision blurred and his ears ringing, Clem fondly remembered a time when he didn’t know what being backhanded by one felt like. That time, of course, being about five seconds ago.
“I remember you,” Bargath said vaguely, wiping Clem’s blood off his knuckles. “I bought you from those soldiers a few months ago. You were fat then. I’m glad to see that you took the initiative to make yourself a more presentable sacrifice for our new god and savior.”
“You aren’t gonna win, Bargeth! You and your slave masters are going face justice. My justice!” was what Clem was trying to say. Instead he vomited up a gout of blood and two teeth. He had really needed those teeth, too.
Clem managed to sit up and focus on the great ape and his surroundings. The two of them were perched on a ledge, though how he had gotten here had been punched out of his skull, and below them churned an immense, angry flood of water. Debris, dozens of bodies, and a shapeless black form swirled within it.
“Soon, you will know my god’s power,” Bargeth rumbled, his cadence reminiscent of an evangelical preacher. “Soon you will know her embrace. We all will. I will be the ultimate sacrifice though, you are merely an appetizer. For years I have steeped myself in...”
“Jesus Christ,” Clem mumbled, his voice slurring through sluggish, swollen lips. “Just pitch me off the damn cliff now and save the sermon. Don’t think I’m going to do everything I can do give your bitch god a case of indigestion at least, though.”
“What did you say?”
Clem, through his still-ringing ears, thought he heard his name being called. Looking over his shoulder, he could see Roderick and Roy at the mouth of cavern across the chasm. Roderick was frantically yelling at him and waving a thick, ancient book at him.
“What did you call my beloved?” Bargeth had somehow gotten paler. It seemed that Clem had pushed a button.
“I called her a bitch.”

It hurt his face to smile, but Clem couldn’t help it. His life hadn’t amounted to much, but maybe in dying he could make up for it some. “I mean, look at her. Someone must not of liked her much to keep her locked in a cave forever. Don’t you think you could have found a non-caged up hell-god to get busy with? I mean, you are an ugly fuc...”
The scream of rage was worth it to Clem, though it seemed his bladder disagreed. Bargath was running full tilt at him, his hands twisted to claws and reaching for his neck. Clem could still hear Roderick screaming his name, everything seemed to slow down.
And Clem saw his life flash before his eyes. Roadhouse, Jean Claude Van Damme, Walker: Texas Ranger episodes, wrestling. Wait a minute, that isn’t my life, Clem thought. That’s...
Clem fell onto his back and raised both legs. Bargeth’s stomach ran into his feet and Clem’s knees buckled under the raging gorilla’s weight. But Clem just rolled with it, Bargeth’s momentum helping power him over. For a moment, the two were face to face, then the great ape was sailing past him and  over the side of the ledge. Clem spun and watched Bargeth fall into the chasm below.
It was perhaps the most awesome thing Clem had done in his entire life.
Staggering to his feet, Clem waved at Roderick and Roy and tried to not to look as stunned as he felt. He had just defeated his nemesis, the thing that had kept him chained for months just died because of Clem’s actions.
But instead of cheering him, Roderick threw the book he had been carrying to the ground and let out a frustrated scream. Roy had covered his face with his hands and seemed to be moaning.
“You fool!” Roderick yelled across the chasm. “That was exactly what he wanted to have happen!”
The water began to churn more violently, spouts of liquid shot high into the air, and the entire mine had begun to shake. Rocks fell from the ceiling and Clem almost lost his balance. Looking over the edge, he could see something, something black and huge, begin to rise up out of the water and reach for the cavern roof.

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