Thursday, November 29, 2012

You: Bonus Chapter


Bonus Chapter

Stowing the jetpack under a pile of leaves, you begin to play over the events of the last 48 hours and try to sort them out in your head. You tell yourself that it’s high time you formed a plan instead of just stumbling around blindly reacting to things. Though to be honest, it isn’t like you had much of a choice other than to stumble blindly and react.

First off, accidentally causing an alien flying saucer to crash in the desert immediately upon your arrival wasn’t exactly the greatest way to start your exploration of this weird, parallel world. You’re pretty sure that isn’t what your bosses back at the Omega Conglomerate had in mind when they sent you here either. You were just supposed to infiltrate the domed city, take a few pictures with the nano-bot computers they injected into your bloodstream, and then get the hell out. All of this, supposedly, was so that you could help them form an opinion on whether or not to make contact with the inhabitants of this world.

If you were asked right now, though, your suggestion would include the words ‘hell’ and ‘no’ repeated maybe a dozen times. 

Of course, that may have something to do with being attacked by two alien species immediately upon your arrival, the most recent of which left you irradiated, glowing green, and quite possibly mutated. And the humans haven’t been much better, taking you prisoner and accusing you of being a spy for a rebel faction that’s hell bent on overthrowing this world’s various alien oppressors. The fact that you are a spy - though for an entirely different organization - is neither here nor there. They were extremely rude to you. 

The only thing currently holding you back from writing this world off entirely is the rebel Enis, who saved your life and gave you a brief history of this planet. He alone has been kind to you and helped nurse you back to health after that goo-monster exploded all over you. 

It’s really too bad that you had to knock him out, steal his gun, and leave him in an underground bunker out in the desert. 

Oh well, no use dwelling on the past. You figure it would be unfair to judge this world entirely on the actions of its despotic alien overlords, radiation monsters, and crooked leaders. It’s time to strike out and see what the common man is like.

Confident that the jetpack is well hidden, and that you will remember where it is in case you need it for a rapid escape, you make your way over to the nearby creek. The water is amazingly clear and you can see little fish darting around the rocks at the bottom. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear you were in a natural forest back on your own world instead of a glass-enclosed artificial city built in the middle of an atomic wasteland. 

So, naturally, this water needs a little blood in it. Looking around for a scab, of which you’ve acquired many since arriving here, and finding a good one on your elbow, you proceed to pick at it for a bit. Just before stepping into the machine that transported you here, an egghead injected you with a serum laced with microscopic robots that installed an entire computer system in your head. Without it, you couldn’t use your eyes as a camera (Something that makes you feel like the Bionic Woman, which is awesome!) or contact the satellite that your bosses put into orbit just before your arrival. 

And out of all of the decisions that you’ve made since getting here, giving that satellite’s artificial intelligence the voice of Yakov Smirnov is the one you regret the most. Not like the other choices were that great either, though. 

A small counter pops up in lower right corner of your field of vision just as a drop of blood leaks out of your elbow and fall into the water. 

Percentage To Integration: 1%

It slowly fades away as you grab your backpack - containing your purloined binoculars, unexplored tablet computer, and handy Swiss Army knife - and begin your trek through the woods. The neighborhood you are heading to is a little over a mile away and you spend the time thinking about how you are going to go about finding out more about the common people of this world. 

In the end you come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to break into someone’s house, steal a few things, and then try to blend in as best as you are able. After that it should just be a matter of making conversation with a few locals, find out what this world is all about, and then make contact with Orson so you can get home. 

Should be nice and simple.

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