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You: Chapter Eight (A Choose Your Own Adventure)


   Welcome to Choose Your Own Adventure time! The way this is going to work is pretty familiar. Each chapter, you will be given one or two choices that will dictate how the story progresses. The choices will be given in the body of the story and you vote your choice by clicking on the answer in the corresponding poll on the right side of this here blog. Voting begins on Saturday when the story posts and remains open until Tuesday night.
   A word of warning, though! Unlike a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you can't go back and make a different decision to get a different outcome. Whatever decision wins the vote on Tuesday is final, so choose wisely.


Chapter Eight

You’ve spent way too much time over the last couple days hiding and then running away. Now it’s time to start fighting and then running away!

As the three men close in on you, you crouch and take a quick assessment. Jetpack is the biggest of the bunch, though he is encumbered by the bulky rocket on his back. Curly looks toughest (you base this off the fact that he has a very punchable-looking face) and Darius looks like a hair puller. From the expressions on their faces, none of them expect you to put up much of a fight.

“Say,” you drawl, giving Jetpack the ol’ “creepy eye and grin” routine. “that’s a nice jetpack.”

He looks like he’s just about to say something witty and menacing when your foot lashes out at the big red button on the jetpacks belt. Luckily, the button does what you hoped it would and a great plume of exhaust and flame shoots out of the rocket booster. The man emits a brief, high pitched squeal before the rocket lifts him off the ground and slams him head first into the crystal ceiling. He goes limp, the rocket presses him against the ceiling for a moment then flips and shoots him across the room to land behind Darius’s desk. He begins to slam around between it and the wall. 

One down.

Curly lets out a growl and lunges at you. He tries to get you in a bear hug, but you duck down under his arms at the last second and head-butt him in the chin. It hurts like hell, you know that you’re going to end up with a massive bruise right in the middle of your forehead, but considering the amount of teeth that suddenly clatter to the floor you figure Curly isn’t faring any better. He lets out a howl and covers his bloody mouth. He gives you a look, almost like you hurt his feelings, and then runs off to the elevator. 

Two down.

“Where the hell are you going?” Darius screams. Curly turns, looking like he might take a swing at Darius himself, when Jetpack lurches up from behind the desk and careens at him. The rocket slams into Curly and the two of them begin sliding across the floor in a tangle of limbs and fire.

Darius turns and gapes at you. For a moment, the two of you just stare at each other. Jetpack and Curly, the rocket finally sputtering out, slide to a halt between you. Darius takes a tentative step towards his desk. He starts wagging his finger at you.

“Don’t you make a move. I’m going...,” you never find out what Darius is going to do because you’re too busy flattening his nose with your fist. He hits the ground like a sack of flour, knocked out cold.

You quickly pick up the Swiss Army knife and run over to the desk. Shoving the tablet, binoculars, and knife into your knapsack, you take a look around the room and try to think of a way to escape. 

The elevator is a no-go, you have no idea what is waiting for you at the bottom. You could wake Darius up, take him hostage and make him help you escape. You could...

“...take the jetpack,” you say, eyeing silver rocket. You smile, this choice is obvious. 

Stripping the jetpack off the one you had nicknamed Jetpack, you consider the three men laying on the floor around you. All of them are still alive, Curly’s beginning to stir even, and will probably hold quite the grudge against you. In fact, you wouldn’t be surprised if they do everything they can to hunt you down and jail you. They may even want you dead. 

As you strap the rocket to your back and snap the belt shut, you consider your options.

Choice One
1. MURDER! 0%
2. Leave them be, but totally rifle through Darius’s jacket and see if he has anything worth taking. 30%

3. Just make your escape and worry about them later. 50%
4. Pee on the floor and then make your escape (Sorry, I couldn’t think of a fourth choice. -Rich) 20%

So you do that and then step to the balcony. The city lies spread out before you as you walk to the railing. You examine the control panel on the belt. It has three buttons on it; a red one that you already know triggers the rocket, a green one, and a yellow one. What you figure is a fuel gauge lies just under the button. It looks to be half full.

Looking up to make sure nothing is hanging directly over your head, you press the red button and hope for the best. 

You launch into the air with alarming speed. The wind whips through your hair and your eyes water. The ground looks miles away the people walking around the large, round lake look like tiny specks. Adrenaline, which for some reason didn’t kick in during your fight, now surges through your system and makes you feel jittery. 

You’re having the time of your life. 

But you also know that you have to find someplace to lie low for a while so you can get your bearings. You also need to make contact with Orson, though the idea of bleeding into the water supply makes you feel queasy.

You glide through the air, the dome that seals in the city just a few feet above your head, and take in the sights. Tractors, bulldozers, and what looks like a bunch of robots toil away at the top of the agricultural quarter. There are a lot of potential hiding places from what you can see, though there are quite a few people as well. You also wouldn’t want for food and you are getting quite hungry.

The gleaming spires and elevated roadways of the business quarter hold a certain appeal to you though. There are also a lot of people, but in such numbers blending in shouldn’t be a problem. If you wanted to see what this future city had to offer, this would be the place to go. 

You angle your body a bit and spin around, looking back over the area you escaped from. It looks like the remains of pre-invasion city might have been here before the dome was built. It could be the dome was built around this area to begin with. You can see that the same crystal that was used to mold the fancier parts of the business quarter were used here to prop up crumbling brickwork or, in some cases, poured over existing structures making the buildings look like bugs stuck in amber.

Spray painted graffiti and billboards (GO SEE DR. PHILOX FOR ALL YOUR RADIOACTIVE MUTATION NEEDS! 24 HOUR SERVICE!) are plastered over every flat surface and the people are dressed in rags. If you want to disappear this looks the ideal place. 

Which leaves the suburb levels. Except for the three stately manors at the very top level, each section of this part of the city looks like the same small town copied over and over. Each level of the parking-garage-like structure has a collection of quaint little houses, a schoolhouse, a grocer, a theater, and so on. Everything you’d want in a small town is located right there. It might be the last place someone would think to look for an escaped...whatever you are. 

So what’s it going to be?

Choice Two
1. Agricultural Quarter. 0%
2. Business Quarter. 20%
3. Slum. 20%

4. Suburbs. 60%

So, there you go! You have until midnight Tuesday, November 20th to make your choices and the new chapter will post on Saturday, November 23rd. Have fun!

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